About Lake Dolores

Here is where you can talk about the park, ask questions and share stories.


6 Responses to “About Lake Dolores”

  1. Darren Danks Says:

    WoW!!! Beautiful work, Dawn. A great website befitting a great place. Can’t wait to see more!

  2. dfields310 Says:

    Thanks, Darren! Looking forward to the reunion! It’s going to be a blast!

  3. Mark Yoshimi Says:

    This is great! I found this website through an email notification from meetup.com!

    I remember commercials for Lake Dolores on Saturday mornings on KTLA Channel 5 during cartoons. I may have even seen some during late night TV as well.

    I never made it to this place though. I was pretty young at that time and we didn’t go out toward Las Vegas in those days anyway.

    Now that I am older, I always have to take a picture as we drive by there on the way to Vegas. I wondered what the history of the park was, so I checked out the Wikipedia entry sometime last year.

    Another place that also catches my attention on the way to Las Vegas is ZzyZx Road. Unusual places like this and Lake Dolores gives us things to talk about on the long drive from Los Angeles!


  4. dfields310 Says:

    Hey Mark,

    If you’ll email your photos to me I’ll post them here on the blog and on my web site.

  5. narvolicious Says:


    I found your site after doing a search for Lake Dolores, after having yet another ’80s childhood flashback in which I remember the totally crude Lake Dolores commercials when they tried to compete with Raging Waters in the mid-late ’80s.

    I vividly remember seeing that one guy FLYING down that stainless steel V-shaped slide—standing up!—and doing this somersault at the end into the dirty-looking water. My brothers and I would laugh so hard at that every single time that we’d be on the ground. Their commercials, though I’m sure sincerely trying to garner traffic, failed miserably when compared to the glamour and glitz of the Raging Waters tv spots at the time.

    Now that I’ve had this flashback I’ve been trying to find that ’80s commercial but I haven’t been able to. But, in my search, along with your site, I discovered Kris’s remarkable photos on the Time Attack Forum (where I see you tried to contact him). After seeing those dismal photographs of someone’s dream deteriorated into decay, I felt bad for laughing at their commercial spots *gulp* =(. aww

    On a happier note, I’m actually thrilled to hear you’re doing a documentary on this park and would love to know its history. I had no idea it had been around for so long. Please keep me posted! Thanks =)

  6. Christopher Says:

    We are currently working with the current owners of the park to renovate and reopen Lake Dolores

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